Q: What type of support does helpdesk provide? To Whom should I contact for general problems?
A: Helpdesk only provides IT related support for the faculty, staff and students. For general problems please contact to Çözüm Merkezi (cozummerkezi@sehir.edu.tr).

Q: I forgot my SAP password. What should I do?
A: You need to visit our SAP page and click on "I forgot my password" link. After you answer the security questions, your new SAP password will be sent to your @std.sehir.edu.tr mail address. After you enter the new password to SAP system, it will inform you that your password is expired and it will ask you to create a new password.

Password Must be 8 Characters including 1 Uppercase letter, 1 Lowercase letter, 1 numeric character

Sample Passwords: Hs569bk8, Sehir2013, My2013Pass

Q: I forgot my LMS password. What should I do?
A: If you are using Windows , your LMS password is your Computer Log On password, as well. Actually, LMS and Windows is using the same account. So, if you change your Windows Log On password, Then your LMS password will be changed, too. If you are using macbook/air, please send us an email and we will reset your LMS password.

Q: I can't change my SAP or MySehir (LMS) passwords. What is the password criteria?
A: Password Must be 8 Characters including 1 Uppercase letter, 1 Lowercase letter, 1 numeric character.
The password should not contain your first or last name.

Q:Why do I have to be in Sehir Domain?
In our Organization, all Windows based computers are licenced by our KMS Servers for Windows operating system & Office Products.If you are not in the domain, then your PC can not reach the KMS Server and can not get the Win7, Win8 or Office Products licence.

Q: What is the Wireless password for Student Network?
A: Currently the password for student network is: Student2011

Q: I am a visitor in Sehir University and I would like to access to the internet, Please tell me how?
A: In our organization, visitors can connect to the internet by selecting Sehir-Misafir network. After you get connected, please open your browser. Your browser will redirect you to the page for registration. Here you will need to enter your TR ID Number/Passport Number and Mobile phone number. After you complete the registration you will receive a passcode to your mobile phone. Please use that code to access the Internet.