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Intra-University Lateral Transfer
The method and procedures of intra-university or inter-university student admission to the departments or programs of the university through lateral or vertical transfer are determined by the “Instruction Letter on Transfer Between the Associate or Undergraduate Programs of Institutes of Higher Education, Double Major Programs, Minor Programs and Credit Transfer Between Institutions” and “İstanbul Şehir Üniversitesi Directions on Intra-university and Inter-institution
Lateral Transfer.”
Lateral transfer applications between degree programs are done within the notified period.
The criteria for department/program change are the GPA, success in the program courses at the beginning of the 5th term, opinion of the department after the interview, the fact that the central placement score received by the student in the score type valid for the degree program to which the student will transfer is not lower than the lowest base score of the degree programs of the universities within the country corresponding to the degree program to which the student wishes to
transfer, on the year that the central exam is taken.
Being on semester leave does not prevent the use of the right to lateral transfer.